Montana has the opportunity to create jobs by placing ourselves at the forefront of the new-energy industry—an industry based on clean, renewable and sustainable sources of energy. To be a leader in this industry, we must provide incentives for the development and implementation of these technologies in Montana.

By creating a business atmosphere conducive to growing this industry, Montana can be the leader in developing new technologies to enhance energy efficiency and energy production. Montanans should have the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of an up-and-coming, yet stable industry. The worldwide demand for energy will only increase, and Montanans can lead the world to more responsible and sustainable methods for capturing this energy. We have the opportunity to positively affect the future of the entire energy industry through better use of incentives that ultimately promote individual success.

The burgeoning clean energy industry in one of the greatest opportunities we have for creating safe, sustainable and high paying jobs in Montana. Harnessing our untapped, renewable resources will help stabilize our economy, revitalize rural areas, and create new revenue. Montana has tremendous potential for wind power and is also ideally suited for crops that can be processed into bio-fuels—like Camelina. In order to jumpstart renewable energy production, we must provide incentives for businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in developing Montana’s clean, renewable, and sustainable energy resources.

Montana must equip our children with the science and math skills necessary to compete in this new industry. We must invest more in our colleges and universities to promote the research and development necessary to harness these new sources of energy. Additionally, we must invest in a smarter, more efficient power grid to ensure that clean energy is available across Montana at an affordable price.

By investing in clean energy, we can create sustainable jobs, grow our local economies and move away from energy sources that pollute our streams, lakes and open landscapes. We must respect our constitutional obligation to provide a clean and healthful environment. We must end Montana’s boom and bust cycle by creating clean and sustainable energy jobs that will last beyond our limited natural resources.

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