Tax Fairness

Tax Fairness

In order to create and extend opportunities for all Montanans, we must tear down the barriers that hold us back. We need to dramatically simplify our tax structure to ease the burden on taxpayers and allow Montanans to spend their resources creating opportunities for themselves and others. We have a tax system that is overly complex and inefficient. Whole industries are built on trying to make the system accessible to average folks when the system should be accessible without the need for expensive accountants, attorneys or software.

Further, our outdated tax system places the burden of taxation on those who work while giving moneyed interests a free pass. Every loophole imaginable has been squeezed into our system to make sure that wealthy investors actually pay a lower tax rate than those who work for a living. While we should be creating and extending opportunities for those who work, we’re focused on give-aways to those that don’t need them. Somewhere along the line, we forgot the American dream. That anyone who is willing to work hard and play by the rules should have the opportunity to reach the top. Instead our system has transformed into one where those who are at the top are given the opportunity to climb even higher, while those at the bottom struggle just to make ends meet.

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