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    Reproductive Rights

    Reproductive Rights

    Our objective as a nation should be to reduce the need for abortions. Instead of arguing over the procedure itself, we should be working together to make the procedure unnecessary. Until that day, we must protect a woman’s right to choose.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    The men and women who serve in the United States Military embody our country's finest qualities: honor, strength, compassion and a commitment to others. These values are brought to communities across Montana when the men and women who serve our country return home to civilian life. Our veterans strengthen our communities and our State. For their commitment and sacrifice, I would like to thank the men and women who have served our country. We have a moral obligation to honor the promises our country has made to our veterans. That means making sure our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from PTSD have access to treatment. That means combating veterans’ unemployment and homelessness. That means ensuring female veterans have the same access to health care as any other American veteran. That means making sure that our disabled veterans get the treatment they need.

    It would be a privilege to serve the men and women who serve our country. I pledge to honor the promises made to our veterans and to always work on their behalf. Thank you to all of our veterans for their service and commitment to our country.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    Higher levels of education accompany higher levels of economic development. We must not allow the importance of education to be minimized, as it is the primary vehicle for economic development. We must ensure that every child has access to a high-quality education that will allow them to compete in the global economy.

    Every Montanan who wishes to attend college should have that opportunity. To assist them in fulfilling their dream, we need to implement a program to provide the opportunity to attend college for free to individuals who are willing to work a minimum of 15 hours per week while attending school full-time, at an in-state institution for higher learning. Anyone who is willing to work their way through college will have the opportunity to create a better life while improving their community.

    We must also invest in our teachers. We entrust teachers with our most precious commodity, our children. We expect that they will teach our children and help to instill our shared values in them. In light of this huge responsibility, one would think that teachers would be highly paid. Instead we pay teachers a salary that encourages them to leave the profession. This must change if we expect to continue competing in the global market. While other countries invest in their teachers, we pay them meager salaries that often force them to pursue other careers.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    Small Business

    Small Business

    One of the greatest challenges facing small businesses across Montana is a lack of capital. If a business can’t find investors among their friends in Montana, it often doesn’t get off the ground.  Unfortunately, this is how many of Montana’s small businesses die before they are even born.  We need to implement programs that encourage outside investment and provide resources for Montana’s small businesses to access venture capital.  Additionally, the State needs to play a role in ensuring the success of these businesses to encourage a continued investment.  Infrastructure must be improved to lessen the travel and shipping costs incurred by those doing business in Montana.  Together, we can reach out to those investors who are interested in all that Montana has to offer, but find it difficult to justify entering our markets.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    Montana has the opportunity to create jobs by placing ourselves at the forefront of the new-energy industry—an industry based on clean, renewable and sustainable sources of energy. To be a leader in this industry, we must provide incentives for the development and implementation of these technologies in Montana.

    By creating a business atmosphere conducive to growing this industry, Montana can be the leader in developing new technologies to enhance energy efficiency and energy production. Montanans should have the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of an up-and-coming, yet stable industry. The worldwide demand for energy will only increase, and Montanans can lead the world to more responsible and sustainable methods for capturing this energy. We have the opportunity to positively affect the future of the entire energy industry through better use of incentives that ultimately promote individual success.

    The burgeoning clean energy industry in one of the greatest opportunities we have for creating safe, sustainable and high paying jobs in Montana. Harnessing our untapped, renewable resources will help stabilize our economy, revitalize rural areas, and create new revenue. Montana has tremendous potential for wind power and is also ideally suited for crops that can be processed into bio-fuels—like Camelina. In order to jumpstart renewable energy production, we must provide incentives for businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in developing Montana’s clean, renewable, and sustainable energy resources.

    Montana must equip our children with the science and math skills necessary to compete in this new industry. We must invest more in our colleges and universities to promote the research and development necessary to harness these new sources of energy. Additionally, we must invest in a smarter, more efficient power grid to ensure that clean energy is available across Montana at an affordable price.

    By investing in clean energy, we can create sustainable jobs, grow our local economies and move away from energy sources that pollute our streams, lakes and open landscapes. We must respect our constitutional obligation to provide a clean and healthful environment. We must end Montana’s boom and bust cycle by creating clean and sustainable energy jobs that will last beyond our limited natural resources.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

  • published Tax Fairness in Issues 2012-03-10 11:22:00 -0700

    Tax Fairness

    Tax Fairness

    In order to create and extend opportunities for all Montanans, we must tear down the barriers that hold us back. We need to dramatically simplify our tax structure to ease the burden on taxpayers and allow Montanans to spend their resources creating opportunities for themselves and others. We have a tax system that is overly complex and inefficient. Whole industries are built on trying to make the system accessible to average folks when the system should be accessible without the need for expensive accountants, attorneys or software.

    Further, our outdated tax system places the burden of taxation on those who work while giving moneyed interests a free pass. Every loophole imaginable has been squeezed into our system to make sure that wealthy investors actually pay a lower tax rate than those who work for a living. While we should be creating and extending opportunities for those who work, we’re focused on give-aways to those that don’t need them. Somewhere along the line, we forgot the American dream. That anyone who is willing to work hard and play by the rules should have the opportunity to reach the top. Instead our system has transformed into one where those who are at the top are given the opportunity to climb even higher, while those at the bottom struggle just to make ends meet.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    Tyler's Story

    As a fourth generation Montanan, I am deeply rooted in Montana history and have a close connection with the state that my family has called home for a century. Unfortunately, my family’s history in Montana was unwillingly cut short when I was young. My father was a teacher at Hellgate High School in the 1980’s during a period of difficult economic times. Educational cutbacks prevalent at the time seemed to foretell the loss of his job. Scared of the potential and dire consequences, my parents were forced to leave Montana in search of opportunity.

    My father took a job teaching and coaching at a high school in Idaho Falls and my mother took a job with the U.S. Department of Energy. They worked hard and made sure that I had everything I needed and the opportunity to work for everything I wanted. Most importantly, they instilled in me the work ethic that had been passed down to them through generations.img_mechanic.png

    I took my first job as a minimum wage employee when I was fifteen, following in the family tradition of starting work young. When it came time to attend college, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend school at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and witness the inner workings of the American government. Georgetown offered the opportunity to experience a different world than I had ever seen or imagined.

    While at Georgetown, I had the opportunity to experience the American political process first hand. Working on Capitol Hill, I was able to garner vast sums of experience in the American political process.

    During that time, I worked in the office of Senator Max Baucus and later worked on his reelection campaign. Following that, I worked in the office of Representative Brian Baird. In 2003, I began working in the finance office for the John Edwards for President Campaign. Later that year, I traveled the country from coast to coast campaigning for Senator Edwards in his first bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

    After working on Senator Edwards’ campaign, I returned to Idaho Falls and spent time substitute teaching prior to attending law school at the University of Montana. While attending law school, I helped spread enthusiasm for the rural issues that had drawn me to campaign for Senator Edwards, co-founding the Rural Advocacy League.

    After law school, I entered the private practice of law primarily representing small businesses and assisting in low income housing tax credit projects. During this time, I helped co-found the young professionals networking group, the Missoula Greenhorns.

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Tyler Gernant

4th Generation Montanan running for Montana Senate District 46