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    Contact Us

    You can contact us by writing to:

    Tyler Gernant for Clerk & Treasurer; P.O. Box 8307; Missoula, MT 59807

    Or email Tyler

    You can also call Tyler at (406) 493-1970


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    Endorse Tyler

    Join the growing number of Montanans who have endorsed Tyler's re-election campaign for Missoula Clerk & Treasurer.


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    Access to Information

    Access to Information

    As the official record holder for most of Missoula County’s records, I believe that you should have free and unfettered access to your records.  To that end, we are the only county in Montana that provides the public with free access to all of our online public records.  We are constantly working to improve that access.  We currently have all of our records back to 1982 digitally indexed and available online.  We are working on digitally indexing all of our records back to the founding of Missoula County and expect to have those records available online within the next few years.  We have also provided the Commissioner’s Journals (the official minutes of the Missoula Board of County Commissioners) in a searchable format back to 1991. 

    Beginning with the 2016 tax year, we began providing detailed information on your tax bills so that you can more easily see where your tax dollars go.  We are currently working on a detailed description of each tax fund along with examples for the use of those funds.  We expect to have those descriptions available in the fall of 2018.  For your 2018 tax bill, we are planning to separate the levies that were assessed by local governments and those that were voted upon by the electorate to help give Missoulians a better picture of who is taxing us.  Ultimately, I believe that you should have unfettered access to information about your government.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    Clean Energy

    Clean Energy

    As a leading proponent of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, I fought to give consumers more options in financing clean energy upgrades.  Although that legislation failed, I have continued to work with local stakeholders to find a solution that fits Missoula County’s needs.  Traditionally the Clerk and Treasurer is an administrative position, but the position is capable of so much more. 

    As technology improves, products like Tesla’s Solar Roof make it possible to have net zero cost clean energy upgrades over the life of the product.  Unfortunately, the upfront costs are still too great to make these products a meaningful option for most Missoulians. I will continue to advocate for and implement unique ways to enhance our clean energy options in Missoula.  Together, we can make this technology accessible to every Missoulian through unique and low-cost financing arrangements.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    Customer Service

    Customer Service

    My first priority as your Clerk and Treasurer is to provide the highest quality customer service.  As a government agency, we hold a unique position as a service monopoly.  I take that burden seriously and stress customer service on a daily basis.  We implemented comment cards and have utilized the feedback we received to enhance our customer’s experience.  We began emailing property tax reminders to those requesting the service.  We also contracted with a vendor to provide our customers with the ability to purchase auto insurance and title bonds from a self-service kiosk in our lobby.

    Most significantly, we have developed an electronic queue system that we are in the process of implementing.  This electronic queue system will allow our customers to enter the queue from anywhere with internet access.  After receiving your place in line, you will receive text or email updates regarding your expected service time.  If you are running late, you can even bump yourself back in line.  Although we can’t eliminate your wait, we can give you the freedom to wait wherever it is convenient for you.

    To offer your ideas, please email us at yourideas@tylergernant.com and include the name of the issue in the subject line.

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    Tyler's Story

    As a fourth generation Montanan, I am deeply rooted in Montana history and have a close connection with the state that my family has called home for a century. Unfortunately, my family’s history in Montana was unwillingly cut short when I was young. My father was a teacher at Hellgate High School in the 1980’s during a period of difficult economic times. Educational cutbacks prevalent at the time seemed to foretell the loss of his job. Scared of the potential and dire consequences, my parents were forced to leave Montana in search of opportunity.

    My father took a job teaching and coaching at a high school in Idaho Falls and my mother took a job with the U.S. Department of Energy. They worked hard and made sure that I had everything I needed and the opportunity to work for everything I wanted. Most importantly, they instilled in me the work ethic that had been passed down to them through generations.img_mechanic.png

    I took my first job as a minimum wage employee when I was fifteen, following in the family tradition of starting work young. When it came time to attend college, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend school at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and witness the inner workings of the American government. Georgetown offered the opportunity to experience a different world than I had ever seen or imagined.

    While at Georgetown, I had the opportunity to experience the American political process first hand. Working on Capitol Hill, I was able to garner vast sums of experience in the American political process.

    During that time, I worked in the office of Senator Max Baucus and later worked on his reelection campaign. Following that, I worked in the office of Representative Brian Baird. In 2003, I began working in the finance office for the John Edwards for President Campaign. Later that year, I traveled the country from coast to coast campaigning for Senator Edwards in his first bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

    After working on Senator Edwards’ campaign, I returned to Idaho Falls and spent time substitute teaching prior to attending law school at the University of Montana.  After graduating law school in 2007, I entered the private practice of law.  In my practice, I focused on simple and complex real estate transactions, small business assistance, tax matters, employment law, and emerging technology issues.

    In 2014, I ran for Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer.  Winning that election allowed me to put to work for Missoula County the skills that I acquired in my legal practice and government work.  I am excited to go to work each day for the best bosses in the world and would be honored to have your vote to continue that good work.

Tyler Gernant

4th Generation Montanan running for Montana Senate District 46